Topic "Does WinSCP keep alive or something with FTP?"

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I don't know if this is a bug; it's more of an inquiry

I love WinSCP - its clean, rich, and easy to use. But, I had one of the adminstrators in our infrastructure group call me up to ask me what the heck process I had running 24-7 that is hitting the FTP server every 1-5 seconds as he was seeing log statements on the FTP server indicating a process on my machine was doing this. For the project I am working on, I am running tests and hitting the server, but only for short bursts of time very sporadically.

So, we decided no harm in killing the connection. Well, right away WinSCP lights on on my task bar as being disconnected. He said he is just going to have the server ignore logging statements from my machine, but i would still like to know what the heck WinSCP is doing every 1-5 seconds while it has an open connection.

I searched the Preferences for keep alive / auto-refresh option, but didn't find anything that might be configurable.

Close options might be:
Arrow Preferences > Panels > Automatically refresh directory after operation (Ctrl+Alt+R)
- This is checked, but my session is just sitting there open. I am not performing any operations.
Arrow And, I thought there was some keep alive option that I found, but I can't find it now *shrug*

Could I get an explanation of why the FTP server would be logging hits from WinSCP every 1-5 seconds when I am not doing anything?

Thank you much Very Happy
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WinSCP does keepalives. They are enabled by default for FTP protocol, with 30 second interval. See documentation. You may also enable logging to see if WinSCP is performing something regularly.
Martin Prikryl

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