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I am trying a simple synch operation with this script:

option batch on
synchronize remote -criteria=none "E:\Shared\Mina bilder" "./Mina bilder"

Everything works as it should, but if there are a lost connection when WinSCP is comparing the folders the script fails:

batch on
Connecting to ...
Connected with Waiting for welcome message...
Starting the session...
Reading remote directory...
Session started.
Active session: [1]
Local 'E:\Shared\Mina bilder\1994 Gamla Bilder' => Remote './Mina bilder/1994 Ga
Local 'E:\Shared\Mina bilder\2003-08' => Remote './Mina bilder/2003-08'
Local 'E:\Shared\Mina bilder\2004 Webbackgrounds' => Remote './Mina bilder/2004
Local 'E:\Shared\Mina bilder\2004-01' => Remote './Mina bilder/2004-01'
Local 'E:\Shared\Mina bilder\2004-07 Grekland' => Remote './Mina bilder/2004-07
Local 'E:\Shared\Mina bilder\2004-07 land' => Remote './Mina bilder/2004-07 la
Local 'E:\Shared\Mina bilder\2004-08' => Remote './Mina bilder/2004-08'
Local 'E:\Shared\Mina bilder\2005-07 Brllop' => Remote './Mina bilder/2005-07 B
Local 'E:\Shared\Mina bilder\2005-07 Brllop\Bilder Danne' => Remote './Mina bil
Local 'E:\Shared\Mina bilder\2005-07 Brllop\Bilder Thomas' => Remote './Mina bi
Local 'E:\Shared\Mina bilder\2005-07 Brllop\Brllop Farsan' => Remote './Mina b
Local 'E:\Shared\Mina bilder\2005-07 Brllop\Brllop Jojo' => Remote './Mina bil
Local 'E:\Shared\Mina bilder\2005-07 Brllop\Brllop Staffan' => Remote './Mina
bilder/2005-07 Brllop/Brllop Staffan'
Lost connection.
Timeout detected.
Could not retrieve directory listing
Transfer OK
Error listing directory './Mina bilder/2005-07 Brllop/Brllop Staffan'.
No session.

Any idea on how to get around this?
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Automatic reconnect during synchronization is not supported yet. This issue is being tracked already.

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