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there should be an option in winscp that let's you double-click on files and it'll send the file to the queue list *but* does not transfer them yet. then when you are done queuing up various files you can tell winscp to start transferring the files.

this is how filezilla does it and it is great. right now i want to switch to winscp but can't because it just starts transferring files automatically and won't let me queue them up in a specific order and stuff.

it should be added here: preferences->environment->transfer->double-click->operation to perform: queue


oh yeah, and once the files are all queued up you just right click on the queue area and select "go" or whatever.
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Set the //Operation to perform on double-click// to //Copy// and make sure Transfer on background by default is enabled.

The remaining piece of your request is tracked already:
Martin Prikryl


thanks. got it working with copy.

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