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First I'd like to say that I've used WinSCP for many years, it's a great tool. However when I purchased a Windows 7 machine I found there is some weakness when synchronizing with Windows XP.

As others have reported, and the maintainer/author has indicated this is a result of XP presentation of timestamps during daylight savings time.

I appreciate the low level cause of the usability problem is Windows.

But from a usability perspective, a workaround would be greatly appreciated. I sync thousands of files, and I look for the unexpected update to notice that a file has changed inappropriately.

If a few thousand files report as out of sync, I can't manually decide on each one if they should be updated or not. Unfortunately it makes WinSCP somewhat irrelevant for my situation. That's disappointing as it's an important tool.

I hope the author will consider making changes to WinSCP to improve it's usability in a mixed windows scenario. I will update away from XP at some point, but for now that's not practical.
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Have you set Adjust remote timestamp with DST session option?

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