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filename encoding


I have a FreeBSD server (ancient 6.x, viaVerio refuses to upgrade) and use linux as my wokstation and have more or less no problems.

Now I am trying to host a friend's website, developed on ms windows using cp874 encoding. I found a program called


which converted all the filenames from cp874 to utf-8. Very nice. Thank you Bjoern Jacke. I can use the gnome nautilus application to mount my friends directory and read all the file names using ssh.

But I cannot read the filenames using winscp. I searched the archives and found a page that seemed to imply that it should just work... and explained how to set the encoding to unicode if it didn't... but I cannot find 'sessions | options' which is where it told me to do so.

How can I fix my problem?

Thanks. Winscp looks great! It seems to be offering to sync directories between a workstation and the server? I suppose that's a function of the windows explorer? That would help my friend out a lot. He could begin by syncing the sever version with utf-8 names with his workstation and then go the other way as he develops his site?

Thanks again for any help and advice

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