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I would fix this, if someone provides me enough information. Please follow bug reporting guidelines. Thanks!

This is very annoying!
Please fix!!

I've asked about this exact same problem before. It doesn't matter that all of the options are set to disable confirmations, it still constantly pops up. Furthermore, even when it pops up and you check "Do Not Ask Again", it pops right up again on the next file. It's so disruptive and annoying I have to use another FTP program until this gets fixed.

Windows XP, Latest Build.

Re: Constant Overwrite box Appears when uploading the same file

When have you started having the problem?

Constant Overwrite box Appears when uploading the same file

WinSCP by far the best fTP sftp client but this NEW problem which is constantly asking for confirmation when uploading the same file, is really annoying!
you guys probably know about this already, please get it fixed, as you just can't develop a site like that, you get tired after a while!
I first thought it was a O/S issue(used first in vista) but no seeing many experiencing the same issue.

I am using WINSCP on the following O/S'es
windows v5.1.2600 (XP)
windows v5.2.3790 (server 2003 r2)
windows v6.0.6000 (vista ultimate)

all has the same problem.

please, please get it solved. being an old pc guy and all, nc (norton commander style interface is really the way to go) as Filezilla fails at that!