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Option to hide the 'X' button on each tab

New Interface

WinSCP Transfer Files

Connection Tunneling via Command-Line options / Passphrase for private key

Rsync - Please please add rsync over ssh to make winscp faster

Allow S3 connection with IAM role instead of credentials

Don't add WinSCP shortcut to desktop when updating

Make "Compare directories" more like FileZilla (more colors, and persist colors)

Another "Open in PuTTY" improvement idea

Make total number of background transfers across all queued items

Is there any service for client WinSCP to let someone remote to edit file on WinSCP client machine

Better ToolTips

"Open in PuTTY" bugs and improvements

Custom color for row selection.

Option to swap local and remote sides

Is there a lower to force lower-case transfers?

Load private key from stream or byte array when using the .net assembly

Support .ssh/config

Editor Improvement

Drag and drop files at position on desktop

Use of environment variables in local path

AES-GCM cipher suite for SFTP

WinSCP using FIPS 140-2 and PuTTY-CAC

Disable AutoUpdate feature centrally

UTF-8 without BOM

Save the screen position for the "Login" window

Release date of WinSCP 6.0

Lost color scheme when upgrading

Show files in tree structure

32 Bit version

  • 2022-03-07 13:15
  • rp

64 bits WinSCP version

  • 2022-03-01 08:43
  • AbcdeFghi

App Icon

Add remote side also can mount local disks (D...)

S3 - Use credentials from environment variables

Security Token Service support for AWS S3

Name local temp folder by session/connection

Add for connection "Favorites"

Mount as a drive with endpoints, offline, versioning, transactional, rules, aspects, compression

Make Synchronize target direction sticky (or preference)

Search tool

Change permissions on files and directories

MD5 Hash

Security Documentation

Recovering the pass

Synchronize files by content

Stream file rather than downloading

  • 2021-12-13 10:17
  • Eyl

Integration for RCLONE

Allow using OpenSSH agent along with Pageant for Authentication

Add support for S3 cross-account bucket (aka external bucket)

Multiple Synch in 1 Instance

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