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Backup instead of delete when syncing

Save queue list before exit

Hi-Res Icon

Possibility to connect with Google Drive

Synchronization: Reconnect and continue during file compare.

displaying hidden files

Quick Search with more that one character like in Total Commander


Client-side Encryption of files

Night time color scheme

MSI installer for WinSCP?

[NEED REVISE] FTP can using port 22 instead of P21

"Folder in use" prevents moving local directories in Windows

Feature request: uninstalling/reinstaling WinSCP without the need to reboot the computer

Option for "Session/Repeat Key Exchange"

  • 2018-11-27 09:14
  • OscarM

How to remove files in deterministic paths after exit?

in batch mode, a "retry" option would be most helpful

Synchronize checklist-window as treeview checklist possible?

Stream file rather than downloading

  • 2018-11-20 23:52
  • dbradley

Background transfers - maximal numbers - increase to > 10

Higher maximal number of transfers....

Editor - Make it possible to add my own context menu items


New "synchronize option" in dialog box for not check sub-folders [answered, feature already exists]

Reconnect all sessions/tabs at once in WinSCP

Open with internal editor

Double-click action by file type

  • 2018-11-04 04:19
  • Pipman

Publishing WinSCP to Microsoft Store

Auto download and delete.

Mac version?

[URLs] Show bar and accept ftp:// at Login screen / Command line

Optional "Host name" for clusters

[QUEUE] Show size and option to disable size reading

Quick connection

Add usuage statistics to administration tasks

Do not force "My documents" as local folder. Microsoft deletes it.

Search in Login Window by Site name

Refresh for internal editor; remember files with session

Support OpenSSH ssh-agent

progress bar during large transfers

Summary report after synchronize

Synchronize only selected folders

Keep Remote Directory up to Date seperate thread (non blocking)

.NET allows writing a custom logger

Volume Shadow Copy for synchronize

"Wrong path" behaviour

change font size

Add reUpload to queue manager

Renaming files in tree view

Human friendly "Size" column

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