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File deletion on 2-way sync

internal editor -- file navigation

Synchronize both -delete[local|remote]

two way auto synchronization

Show hostname from WinSCP connection as Putty window title

Master/safety option that will hide or disable "Do not show this dialog next time" boxes.

Mass update of passwords

S3 buckets - ACL settings support

Dont clear hostname \ port \ protocol \ username after fail connection

Publishing WinSCP to Microsoft Store

Suggestion: Add documentation to website about combination of /command and /log with password


SFTP JCL submission from C#

Address bar autocomplete with TAB

Display Line Numbers in Internal Editor

WinSCP as SFTP Server

How to set up a MFA, multi factor authentication in WINSCP?

Hi I need to learn about this program

Make this as a default

Synchronize Connection list between computers

Exiting a batch file

ACL Support

Feature Request: Upload File On Save

How to activate (show) speed of my transfered files?

Permanent download link for newest version

Please allow the Support for Using Windows Terminal's Ubuntu machine as default Bash Client

Bug 958 - Portrange for active mode.

Please increase the size of input at dialog for editing files

Use current local folder on new connection

Tree on right for remote?

Click Behind Login/Connecting Sub-windows

Drag & Drop Moves Instead of Copies

Remote properties recursively : different octal for directories and files ?

Can I use C++Builder Community Edition to build winscp?

Task Schedule

WinSCP for Linux

  • 2020-09-22 14:43
  • Luis Veiga

Support transfer masks specified in a file

SSH server Mapped with network drive not list in WinSCP Remote Panel

Option to Allow Aborting of Remote Directory Reading/Loading

Software Upgrade notification

i don't need winscp anymore

Synchronization without blocking the application

custom proxy support

  • 2020-09-11 15:33
  • Pablo

S3 encryption support similar to SFTP

Improved site notes and custom actions

Site search filter

WinSCP dark theme


Support for S3 Access Point

Possibility to connect with Google Drive

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