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Please Add Master Password as an Optional Property of the SessionOptions Class

Uploading Files Created or Changed Since the Last Upload

Mirror navigate

Use %hostname% of the remote host in a script

Global File Transfer Speed Limits

Selective compression in the GUI

Automated File-filtering

Search in connection list

winscp.ini can not encoding to utf-8

Integration with PuTTY – new features

64 bits WinSCP version

  • 2023-04-15 11:30
  • schrej

Larger icons on toolbars & larger font on menus to support touch screens and higher res displays.

A Way to Disable Folder Caching

Watched files list

Feature request : Overwrite only if smaller

Larger Button Icons needed...

Return of option: transfer each file (and folder!!) individually on [in] background by default

  • 2023-04-06 12:39
  • nt866

Proxy options to match PuTTY 0.78

Drag-and-drop prohibition setting in the folder tree

  • 2023-03-24 10:20
  • yunosan

More concurrent sessions

Images Preview on remote directory list

Drop menu in UI for custom commands

IP address in top bar

MSI package

Create MSI installer and GPO deployment how-to guide

MSI installer for WinSCP?

Thanks for 5.0.3 & some suggestions

Support for duplicating and moving local files

  • 2023-03-02 14:30
  • manfro

Make folder from selection

Properties of remote folder to display size including all files

Refresh directory contents

Show summary time of transfer and timestamp of finish in queue table

Possibility to add desired color with right click to files/folder to quickly identify

Open multiple connections at once

Synchronize changes to source files that are symlinks

  • 2023-02-13 19:14
  • JsD

SFTP recycle bin error 4

Ability to display and edit tags in AWS S3 files

Drag and drop folders in Site manager

Area for connection notes

Go to target of a link

Registring a background color for a bookmark path

Remote properties recursively : different octal for directories and files?

KeePass integration

RTL interface direction and more large icons when using Explorer interface

Site sorting

Indicator of COPY vs MOVE in transfer queue

Remove F10 for Quit Hotkey or Customization of Command Hotkeys

A connection should be made available as drive letter or using Windows Explorer

FTPS should ne able to use AES file encryption so I can sync easily many computers using one FTPS.

put command, -moveto folder

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