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I am new to scripting winscp, so I expect I am missing something. Here is the script I am trying to use. It works until the point where I issue 'call chgrp ...'. At this point I need to re-authenticate. Am I missing something, doing something wrong, or is this just how it works?


called from dos command line, via /script=

option echo on
option batch abort
# Disable overwrite confirmations that conflict with the previous
option confirm off
# Connect
open username@host

# Change remote directory
cd /path/test
# Force binary mode transfer
option transfer binary
# Download file to the local directory d:\
# get examplefile.txt d:\

rm GLB_en_urg_00843_manual_ATG/*.*
rmdir GLB_en_urg_00843_manual_ATG

put S:\UserProd\translations\urg_00843\GLB_en_urg_00843_manual_ATG

chmod 774 GLB_en_urg_00843_manual_ATG
chmod 774 GLB_en_urg_00843_manual_ATG/*.*
[color=darkred]call chgrp dctmtmp GLB_en_urg_00843_manual_ATG
call chgrp dctmtmp GLB_en_urg_00843_manual_ATG/*.*[/color]

# ## commented out close and exit for debugging...
# Disconnect
# Exit WinSCP
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Please read documentation. If that does not help, come back.
Martin Prikryl


martin wrote:
Please read documentation. If that does not help, come back.

Stupid answer. You need not tell him to read documentation. IDiot

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