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Uploads one or more files from local directory to remote directory.

put <file> [ [ <file2> ... ] <directory>/[ <newname> ] ]


If only one parameter is specified uploads the file to remote working directory. If more parameters are specified, all except the last one specify set of files to upload. The last parameter specifies target remote directory and optionally operation mask to store file(s) under different name. Destination directory must end with slash. Filename can be replaced with Windows wildcard1 to select multiple files. To upload more files to current working directory use ./ as the last parameter.

Use option command to set transfer options.

See also synchronize if you need to transfer modified files only.


Switch Description
-delete Delete source local file(s) after transfer.
-resume Automatically resume transfer if possible (SFTP and FTP protocols only). Cannot be combined with -append.
-append Append source file to the end of target file (SFTP protocol only). Cannot be combined with -resume.
-preservetime Preserve timestamp
-nopreservetime Do not preserve timestamp
-permissions=<mode> Set permissions (SFTP and SCP protocols only)
-nopermissions Keep default permissions
-speed=<kibps> Limit transfer speed


Aliases: send, mput

Effective options: transfer, confirm, exclude, include, reconnecttime

XML log elements: upload, chmod (with -permissions), touch (with -preservetime)


put index.html
put -delete index.html about.html ./
put -permissions=644 index.html about.html /home/martin/public_html/
put d:\www\index.html about.*
put *.html *.png /home/martin/backup/*.bak
  1. Windows wildcard supports * and ? only. It does not support all the features of file masks.Back

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