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The Integration Page (Preferences Dialog)

The Integration page on the Preferences dialog allows user to configure how WinSCP integrates with Windows.


The options on this page are not available in Microsoft Store installation.

On Applications subpage you can find options to configure integration with other applications.

Refer to documentation of page sections:

Windows Shell

Use Create a desktop icon button to create shortcut icon that starts WinSCP on your desktop. You will have an option to create the icon for all users of your computer (requires administrator privileges) or for yourself only.

You can create desktop icon that directly opens selected site on Login dialog.

Use Add upload shortcut to Explorer’s ‘Send to’ context menu button to create shortcut icon in 'Send To’ menu in file context menu of Windows File Explorer.

You can create ‘Send To’ icon that directly opens selected site on Login dialog.

Use Register to handle URL addresses button opens menu with following commands:

Use Add WinSCP to search path to add WinSCP installation directory to system search path.


Further Reading

Read more about Preferences dialog and its other pages.

  1. Note that installer already registers WinSCP, so manual registration is required for portable use only or when registration was overridden by another application (possible on Windows XP only). Back
  2. This command is available on Windows Vista and newer only. Back
  3. Note that on Windows XP, this does not restore previous registration. Back

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