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.NET assembly / COM library


[WinSCP.FtpSecure]::explicittls get error

Error Could not retrieve directory listing........ No such file or director

Can I use Session.EnumerateRemoteFiles() in VBA?

WinSCPnet.dll installation and usage confusion

.NET Assemblies session.SynchronizeDirectories perfomance...

Obtaining fingerprint for SFTP

SFTP Remote Path Folder name needs wildcard

Using ListDirectory to display only directories not files

Registering DLL for 64bit Office

Server asks for authentication with a client certificate

Error Exception :Error deleting file 'myFiles'. After resumable file upload

SSIS - WinSCP Upload Failure

Regarding stream upload.

no new file information

Can I use session rawsettings shell option to change default shell AND alter sudo?

Cannot connect to FTPS server

C# Cannot Open Session

Performance issue, sftp, c# code

Calculating checksum match after transfer

Error occurred while setting the permissions and/or timestamp - Ignore permission errors

Your shell is probably incompatible with the application (BASH is recommended)

Download files and move after download on to the remote server

WinSCPnet.dll targeted framework is not as expected for netstandard2.0

Problems to upload multiples Files

Upload MemoryStream using PutFiles Function

Folder with spaces C# session.GetFiles

WinscpDLL detecting timeout / failing to upload full file

The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect error whn using WinSCP SSIS script

Retrieving LastReadTime from files list

Get & Put with WinSCP

.NET Assembly Error

Print custom output to file after X % to logfile

get only the first line without download the whole file?

How to put a multiple Filemask ?

Use "stored" session settings from .NET assembly

  • 2019-11-29 12:47
  • nevi

Use Com object for SFTP in VBS file

SFTP client DotNet source code support in WinCE 8 - Windows Embedded Compact 2013

Lost connection. Timeout detected. (control connection)

specify record lenth while sftp to mainframe in .net code

The RemoteFileInfo.LastWriteTime.Millisecond value is always 0.

Put Multiple Files

How to get SshHostKeyFingerprint to download files from FTP Path to local machine

VBA: Synchronize progress

.NET assembly - macOS support

  • 2019-10-30 12:10
  • Guest

Issues with filemask

5.16 beta 4.0 Framework DLL not signed

Winscp assembly getting timeout

Locked file after transfer

Powershell script on SQL agent no longer working

Unable to connect/synchronize using SFTP

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