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.NET assembly / COM library


How to connect to another host without creating a new object

Property 'WinSCP.TransferOptions.ResumeSupport' lacks setter

Webdav Gui works, but .NET COM library fails with error 400

Powershell and AddRawData

Session timeout - can't create temporary file

Using WinSCP from Visual Studio 2013

How to track when a file is fail to transfer?

Background transfer

Fail to open a connection

Example of Timeout Value Change

Error parsing session log file, but it is not closed yet

VB6 example for SFTP upload

VB.NET to run shell scripts

VB.NET to use sudo command

Using ListDirectory in VBScript

Randomly received “Host key wasn't verified!”

Perl - FileTransferProgress

SynchronizationMode.Both like Dropdox

Session.GetFiles deleting folder on remote side

VB.Net - Cannot Open Session

How to remove BOM (byte order mark)

Sftp client for C++

session.executecommand adjusting timeout

SynchronizeDirectories, know if each file was matched or not

using Private key in Powershell

Session.Putfiles gives access denied

Retry connection to ftp server?

C# having trouble using hostkey

SynchronizeDirectories - track changes

How to prevent traversing subfolders

Automate File Transfer to iDevice?

Progress Bar shows momentarily using .NET in Powershell 4.0

ftp over ssl

Space in filename SynchronizeDirectories

SSH Host Key fingerprint does not patch pattern - c#

Trouble in SessionRemoteException

  • 2014-05-06 15:22
  • zofo


IsSuccess = true - but no file uploaded

Problem using COM interface with Windows 2003

Dir Sync: WinSCP.SessionRemoteException for remote path

.NET: Mask to get today's file using ListDirectory method

Cannot Log In

Autohotkey example?

Synchronize Directories

How do I programatically set the "Server Response Timeout"

Turning off partial uploading in C#

How to set the Maximum TLS/SSL version via .Net assembly

Transferring files that are written on the fly

using .ini vs SessionOptions Powershell

Connect to UNC path with a username and password

  • 2014-04-07 16:41
  • nuzi

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