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.NET assembly / COM library


Close session without destroying object

synchronize with rename files

Transfer Using Streams

Failed with return code 0?

VB/Com Method timeout with upload

.net code using FTP

Form Freeze during process

Powershell delete old files from remote FTP

I can not add the assembly in 2003

Setting Server Response Timeout in SessionOptions for VBA

WinSCP.dll Registration issues - want to use with VBA

Downloading empty folder when using filemask

Question about remove parameter in GetFiles

GetFiles and remove set to true tries to delete folder

  • 2013-12-02 10:38
  • JKL

Help with Winscp.dll installation

Failure on using .NET assembly in VB2010

Powershell & transferresumesupport in .net/beta version

Absolute File Path Usage

Source file overwritten with blank after transfer

session->Dispose and odd server behavior

Can't create Session via Proxy in .Net Assembly [5.2.5 beta]

Disabling resume support with INI file for .NET 5.1.4

Rename a file

how to Synchronize Directories use utf8 in C#

COM library putFiles giving error on VBA

C# session.GetFiles "remove" parameter not working?

Cannot create remote file.filepart' c#

how to use a stored session with powershell

C++ / C?

.Net Assemblies and Profile Support?

Server refused public-key signature despite accepting key

Encoding UTF-8 and .NET assembly / COM Library

Error '500' & 'Connection timeout' in SecureFTP using WinSCP

Average File Transfer Speed

Using WinSCP in Sql Server - Finalizers must be removed.


MoveFile method. Moves file alright, but returns error 424

Host key wasn't verified! issue in .NET assembly code

Trouble with special character in password

Error occurred while setting the permissions and/or timestam

SessionRemoteException Class

Concerns about SSH host key Fingerprint

I need ~ SynchronizationResult before doing the sync .

SFTP upload of last zipped file error

How to Control number of files to be transferred in session

error "Host key wasn't verified"

Can we use this .NET assembly with WinSCP version 4.3.4

what does it mean exit code 3?

How to make WinSCP.exe auto terminted when the program close

PutFiles not thorwing Exception even path in sFTP not exists

  • 2013-08-27 07:52
  • jzu

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