You are using an old version (5.17.2) of WinSCP. The documentation covers the latest WinSCP version 6.3.4. Some features documented here may not be present in your version. Consider upgrading to the latest version.

Application Updates

WinSCP can check for its updates. It can do it on your request or automatically in regular intervals.

To check for updates, WinSCP connects to WinSCP site. It sends its version and language. In addition to obtaining information about new version, it can get a message. This will be particularly used to warn users about security issues in advance, before a fix can be released.


If enabled, WinSCP will send also anonymous usage statistics.

Donors can enable automatic updates.

If you are behind proxy or firewall, you will need to configure it in preferences first.

When WinSCP is installed from Microsoft Store, it gets automatically updated by the store. The information on this page does not apply then.

On Request Check

To manually request check for updates, use:

  • Tools > Check for Updates on Login dialog.
  • Help > Check for Updates command.
  • Command-line parameter /update.

Automatic Check

You can enable WinSCP to automatically check for updates in regular intervals. You will have the first chance to enable it during installation. Later, you can configure it in preferences.


When the automatic check is enabled, it will start on background once the main window is opened. If WinSCP detects new version or gets a message, it will indicate so using icon on Updates toolbar and balloon notification in taskbar status area. If the notification is not clicked, WinSCP will by default display full information about the new version the next time it starts.

External Notifications

If you cannot or do not want to use automatic check for application updates, yet you still want to be automatically notified about updates you have two more options:

Installing Updates Automatically

Donors and Patrons can enable automatic installation of new application versions in preferences. Beta versions automatically update for everyone.

Learn how to donate or become Patron to support WinSCP development.

To enable automatic updates, you need to specify the email address you have used for your donation (typically your PayPal or Patreon account address) in preferences.

  • For your PayPal email address to be eligible for automatic updates:
    • Your donation has to be at least 9 USD or equivalent;
    • You need to follow a link in your donation receipt to a form, where you need to provide us your postal address (for accounting purposes). The link will be also shown on a webpage after you donate.
  • Patreon email address is eligible automatically (after few minutes).

When automatic updates are enabled, the Upgrade button on the new version notification message will shut down the WinSCP, run a silent installation of the new version and restart WinSCP. If WinSCP was previously installed for all users, the upgrade will request Administrator permissions.

Automatic updates are available only, if WinSCP was installed using an official installer.1


Installing Updates Manually

Learn how to upgrade WinSCP manually.

  1. Automatic updates are not available for Portable “installations” and MSI installations. Store installations are automatically updated by the Store.Back

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