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.NET assembly / COM library


Session.SynchronizeDirectories code example in VBA\VB6?

Remote server change directory

Download Files and SubFolders with Powershell

Could not retrieve file information. File cannot be listed

Error: Key-exchange algorithm diffie-hellman-group1 -sha1 was not verified!

  • 2018-08-03 00:54
  • 2005732

WinSCPNet.dll not found when executing in an ASP.NET Core 2.0 application

Error Listing Directory - SynchronizeDirectories

Issue connecting to SFTP server, command exit status 0

Get fingerprint with

FTP Protocol // Session.GetFiles with FileMask "| */" list all subdirectories

Access denied when put files from fileshare

Sync only specific files from a remote directory

DuplicateFile method not working

WinScpnet.dll used for C++

c# - Bad download speed when writing to NAS (network drive) - solved?

General exception found

Authenticate ssh tunnel with private key with no passphrase

Winscp transfer event args into a log file in Powerhsell

Occasional XmlException On PutFiles

SessionOption error

The .NET assembly is fantastic!

New Winscp download

Error: Exception calling "ParseUrl" with "1" argument(s): "R

"DuplicateFile" method fails

  • 2018-05-18 12:19
  • Guest

Disable filename modification

session.GetFiles("path", "path", true) fails to remove remote files

Navigate to path in single quotes

Is WinSCP.NET only supported for Windows Phone?

Run winscp from IIS7.5 vbscript Active Server Pages

WinSCP process terminated with exit code 255 or 3

Authentication issues using .NET libraries

.NET assembly - Cannot transfer some *.pgp files

1С WinSCP.SessionOptions Protocol

SessionOptions -> SecureNewPassword

Windows Authentication

Assembly Setup and Registration Error

CAC (Smart Card) Authentication

Can't get attributes of file No such file or directory

Error Code 2 in the Winscp 5.13 at PutFiles.

EnumerateRemoteFiles to get only new files

Not Generating Unique Document ID - SFTP with DotNet [OK when using WinSCP client]

Error parsing session log file

Using WinSCP 5.6.6 but getting error "WinSCP process terminated with exit code -1073741502 and outp" get command moslty works, but no content copied.

Need dll for WinSCP Version

File Uploaded with "session.PutFiles" but thFileName is '' BLANK. transferResult reports okay upload

Downloading files using GetFiles

SessionOptions parametter TimeoutInMilliseconds didn't work

  • 2018-03-07 16:51
  • Guest

Error handlings in Windev with COM assembly

SynchronizeDirectories and FIlesTransferred callback

  • 2018-03-05 18:20
  • joseph.lavalle@...

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