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Pageant Support

  • 2003-02-14 10:10
  • Alexander Peuchert

Delete files from temp dir after sucessful transfer

Feature Request: Registry Entries

"desktop" as standard location, not just drive letters

A little faster.

Open Local Directory

BUG (I think) winscp2 cannot deal with wrong formatted symlinks (get frozen)

  • 2003-01-30 20:10
  • Guest

Job Scheduler

  • 2003-01-29 20:14
  • fantasyx

Remote File Editing / Viewing

  • 2003-01-29 15:38
  • david

File Transfer between two remote hosts

No for All on Overwrite Msgbox

  • 2003-01-28 00:14
  • Bernardo S. A. Silva

Build #122: Connection Keepalive in Seconds not Minutes

custom ls to avoid directory listing error


trim/ append CR when uploading/downloading a text file

Set user:group in copy window

WinSCP as Servant Salamander plugin

Overwrite only newer files option

Enhancement for Copy

Remember Remote and Local Directory

  • 2003-01-14 10:09
  • Andrew

"Never ask me again"

Default Maximized Window & Remote "Type" Column

Failures in a text status area

Password change?

Reconnect session if session disconnected

Keepind remote directory up to date extension

  • 2002-12-22 09:42
  • yoyek

script execution from winscp.

diagnostic logging and other bits...

Winscp with rbash

  • 2002-12-18 09:24
  • hico

Renaming Remote File Problem

installers or and program could have version number included in the name

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