Recent Version History

This is a full list of changes for each release of WinSCP. See also Project history and Incompatible changes between versions.

6.0 (not released yet)

  • Local file manager mode (two local panels). 1893
  • Ongoing delete operation can be moved to background queue. 194
  • Showing directory size in file panel. 41
  • Tab titles are shortened to fit window width as needed. 1423
  • Tabs show tooltips with full session name and paths.
  • Remembering remote directory tree nodes state when switching sessions. 1057
  • Shift-clicking New Session command opens the Login dialog in new WinSCP instance, instead of possibly opening new instance of workspace.
  • Allowed opening all sites in a folder in PuTTY. 2079
  • Cleaning up temporary WinSCP PuTTY sessions.
  • When switching tabs, prevent visibly scrolling the panels when focusing the last selected file.
  • Removed the “compression” indicator from the status bar.
  • Allowed normal behavior of double-click on a file even when resolving of symlinks is disabled. 2037
  • Session.ExecutablePath returns detected or actual executable path when not set. 2055
  • Change: Keyboard shortcut for Command Line command changed to Shift+Ctrl+M (Shift+Ctrl+N previously).
  • Bug fix: Failure when trying to switch session tabs while previous switch did not complete yet.


5.20.4 (not released yet)

  • Improved error message when FTP server returns malformed response. 2077
  • Translation updated: Slovak.
  • Bug fix: When transferring a growing file, after its original size is reached, the Session.FileTransferProgress event starts being triggered continuously. 2078

5.20.3 RC

  • Translations completed: Catalan, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish and Ukrainian; and updated: Vietnamese
  • Streaming support in .NET assembly and scripting for FTP protocol. 1945
  • Improved compatibility with MVS systems. 2069
  • New .NET assembly method Session.TryGetFileInfo. Thanks to @RachamimYaakobov. 2068
  • Expanding environment variables in Open Directory/Location Profiles dialogs in local paths. 909
  • Optimized loading of large directories. 1631
  • TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.1.1o.
  • Installer upgraded to Inno Setup 6.2.1.
  • When group (Site/Shared) to which new location profile is added is changed, switching the page to the target group.
  • Preventing occasional exhaustion of resources while testing WinSCP executable version on repeated use of .NET assembly. 2075
  • Bug fix: Capabilities of S3 sessions were not shown.
  • Bug fix: Misplaced warning about unused scripting parameters when /rawsettings command-line switch is used. 2070
  • Bug fix: File panels malfunction when files are dropped from other application to it. 2071
  • Bug fix: When logging transfer statistics, recent transfer speed was logged instead of average speed of whole transfer. 2073
  • Bug fix: z/OS PDS members without ISPF statistics are omitted in directory listing. 2076


5.20.2 beta

  • Translations updated: German and Vietnamese.
  • SSH core upgraded to pre-release build of PuTTY 0.77.
    It brings the following changes:
  • TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.1.1n.
  • WebDAV core upgraded to neon 0.32.2.
  • XML parser upgraded to Expat 2.4.8.
  • Allowed uploading edited files over encrypted session. 1989
  • Building .NET assembly in Visual Studio 2019.
  • Optionally not flashing taskbar button when WinSCP needs attention while in the background. 2067
  • In .NET assembly or scripting with “nul” configuration, when WinSCP registry key does not exist, do not write statistics to INI file. 2066
  • New less prominent icon for Quit command.
  • Bug fix: Failure when attempting to switch to an unconnected sessions using keyboard shortcuts while another session is being connected.
  • Bug fix: Removing all custom commands resets the default ones when INI file is used. 2059
  • Bug fix: Failure when changing remote folder using directory tree while previous directory is still loading. 2060
  • Bug fix: Drive that was ever opened in local file panel cannot be safely removed until WinSCP is closed. 2061
  • Bug fix: “Optimize connection buffer size” checkbox was disabled for S3 although it has effect for the protocol. 2058
  • Bug fix: Custom commands menu fail to open. 2062
  • Bug fix: Local drive menu does not reflect some changes. 2063
  • Bug fix: Using drive menu to change to an invalid drive fails silently.
  • Bug fix: Scripting command ls in FTP session displays timestamps without year even if the server (notably IIS) provided the year, if it did not provide seconds. 2065

5.20.1 beta

  • File masks relative to the root of an operation. 2052
  • Private key can be provided as string in .NET assembly and scripting. 2044
  • Support for importing key files that are specified using home ~ prefix from OpenSSH config file. 2053
  • Translation updated: German.
  • TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.1.1m.
  • Commands that do not fit on Custom Commands toolbar are presented in drop down menu, instead of a horizontal bar. 554
  • First hiding right-most Custom Commands toolbar commands that do not fit.
  • Prevent hang when dragging files without drag&drop shell extensions when some mapped network drive is not available. 2054
  • Added new ap-southeast-3 AWS region.
  • XML parser upgraded to Expat 2.4.2.
  • Bug fix: When initial remote directory specified in the open command does not exist, the error was silently ignored.
  • Bug fix: File color rules with path mask do not work for local files.


5.20 beta

  • Support for ACL for S3 protocol. 1641
  • SSH core upgraded to PuTTY 0.76. 1984
    It brings the following changes:
    • Support Curve448 key exchange method. curve448
    • Support Ed448 user and host keys. ed448
    • Support rsa-sha2-256 and rsa-sha2-512 SSH public key algorithms. 1952 rsa-sha2
    • Change: SHA-256 fingerprints are not padded anymore.
  • It is possible to import sessions from OpenSSH config file. 1896
  • Change: Removed support for SSH-1.
  • Optionally keeping symbolic link name in path instead of resolving it with SFTP protocol. 81
  • Improved shortening long paths, when single level name is too long on its own. 2043
  • WebDAV core upgraded to neon 0.32.1.
  • Allow displaying all VMS file revisions with FTP protocol. 1944
  • Support reading S3 credentials from AWS CLI configuration. 1941
  • Bytes transferred are recorded in XML log and available in .NET assembly API. 597
  • Generating PPK3 keys.
  • It is possible to copy information to the clipboard from the Properties dialog.
  • Made WinSCP.exe be deployed even when WinSCP NuGet package is included as transitive dependency. 2017
  • When performing a single-item atomic operation, displaying indeterminate progress status.
  • S3 Security token session option renamed to a more appropriate Session Token.
  • Not resetting protocol to WebDAV when S3 protocol is selected and HTTP URL is pasted on the Login dialog. 2045
  • Automatically reconnect when FTP server fails to open data connection, if it previously worked. 2046
  • Confirm closing when multiple tabs are opened and auto workspace saving is not enabled, even when none of the tabs contain an active remote session.
  • Including host key of tunnel session in generated code. 2006
  • Support for custom certificate store files with configurable path. 2034
  • Allowed providing tunnel private key passphrase in scripting. 2029
  • Improved handling of long shell command error messages. 1949
  • Considering global passive/active mode settings when importing sessions from FileZilla
  • Automatically retry when S3 transfer fails with 503 code (Slow down or Service unavailable). 2047
  • Improving formatting of errors displayed after an operation completed in Continue on error mode.
  • Shift+Ctrl+R keyboard shortcut for Reconnect Session command.
  • Change: Keyboard shortcut for Restore Selection command changed to Shift+Ctrl+S (Shift+Ctrl+R previously).
  • Change: Monitoring A: and B: drives. 2014
  • Preventing beep when using Alt+Enter to open the Properties dialog.
  • When collecting list of files for background transfer, say “Listing” instead of “Calculating” not to give an impression that it is a superfluous operation. 2026
  • Checking for too many parameters with /keygen switch.
  • PNG code upgraded to PngComponents 1.7.0.
  • Warning when selecting too new key file.
  • Warning when opening more than 100 tabs. 1997
  • Including HTTP message into S3 error message.
  • Bug fix: Do not say “Terminated by user” when the session has actually timed out.
  • Bug fix: Cannot use passwords and passphrases longer than 255 characters in automation and various other purposes. 1988
  • Bug fix: When size of a file downloaded with FTP protocol changes (or when ASCII mode is used) the logged size did not reflect the actual transfer size.
  • Bug fix: When connecting disconnected session the directory might be loaded twice.
  • Bug fix: Failure when entering directory that contains file with a slash in its name. 2016
  • Bug fix: When S3 authentication region changes during session, previously visited buckets from the original authentication region could not be accessed anymore. 2027
  • Bug fix: Failure when using multiple connections with local proxy command. 2028
  • Bug fix: Configuration import did not remove old sites and did not load all GUI settings. 2040
  • Bug fix: When S3 transfer fatally fails, error details were lost.


5.19.6 (hotfix)

  • Translation updated: German.
  • Back-propagated fixes from 5.20–5.20.2 releases:
    • TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.1.1m.
    • XML parser upgraded to Expat 2.4.6.


  • Compatibility with Google Cloud S3 API when duplicating files. 2038
  • Compatibility with Google Cloud S3 API when deleting implicitly existing directories. 2042
  • Translation updated: Turkish.
  • Logging a reference to 1952 when an OpenSSH 8.8 (or newer) server refuses the key.
  • Bug fix: Crash when new contents is copied to the clipboard while downloading files pasted from the clipboard. 2036
  • Bug fix: Browse Remote Directory command on Synchronization checklist did not locate file with spaces.
  • Bug fix: Extension ZIP and Upload does not work with files in a drive root. 2039
  • Bug fix: Path on Console window was not shortened when it did not fit.


  • Translation updated: Hungarian.
  • Showing release date on the About dialog.
  • Support for custom certificate store files. 2034
  • Allow other 2xx responses to PWD command, not only the standard 257. 1768
  • Bug fix: When there are both site folder and site with the same name and the site was selected when closing the Login dialog, when reopening, the folder was selected instead.


  • Translation updated: French.
  • TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.1.1l.
  • Using Documents folder when the last used local directory in Explorer interface does not exist anymore. 2011
  • Bug fix: TLS session resumption is not working for subsequent FTP transfers with TLS 1.3 when the server requires reuse of the session of the previous transfer. 2018
  • Bug fix: Cannot access S3 bucket root when the access policy checks for empty prefix. 2021
  • Bug fix: Response from ProFTPD FTP checksum commands is not recognized. 2023
  • Bug fix: Failure when submitting prompt with “Never ask me again” selected. 2022
  • Bug fix: Panels are drawn incorrectly after toggling Full row select. 2025
  • Bug fix: Timeout while uploading files to some FTP servers using TLS 1.3. 2030
  • Bug fix: Incomplete listing for S3 servers that indicate truncated listing after the contents and whose pagination is a multiple of 8 (e.g. Backblaze). 2032



  • Translation completed: French.
  • Restored compatibility with FTP servers that return malformed cdir and pdir entries in directory listing. 2004
  • Fix from PuTTY 0.76: Avoid crash in MIT Kerberos for Windows on session restart.
  • SSH private key tools (PuTTYgen and Pageant) upgraded to PuTTY 0.76. It brings the following change: After 30 or so simultaneous sessions, Pageant stops working. win-pageant-max-connections
  • Bug fix: Empty local drive could not be entered. 2000
  • Bug fix: TLS settings in default site settings is not restored when opening Login dialog in some cases. 2001
  • Bug fix: Memory leak when deleting completed background transfers.
  • Bug fix: Hang when running under Task Scheduler or a similar service with session logging enabled. 2005


  • Translation updated: Italian.
  • Incrementing port numbers for secondary connections of tunneled sessions with fixed forwarding port number. 1996
  • Bug fix: Failure when automatically opening a workspace on startup with too many sessions. 1997
  • Bug fix: Failure when reading a key file without a trailing newline. 1998
  • Bug fix: Failure when SFTP server resolves . path to an empty string. 1999


  • When installing an extension from a URL, not saving the extension with BOM.
  • Not aborting “Keep remote directory up to date” function when connection is lost while deleting files or looking for differences and the session is reconnected. 1994
  • Bug fix: When handling URL in an existing WinSCP instance, session settings from a stored site named after the URL hostname are not used. 1992
  • Bug fix: It was possible to move toolbar on progress windows.
  • Bug fix: When installing an extension from a file, it is always saved in UTF-8 with BOM, disregarding the original encoding. 1993
  • Bug fix: When “Keep remote directory up to date” function was started from command-line, disconnects were not detected.
  • Bug fix: When connection was lost and not reconnected, the “Keep remote directory up to date” window was not closed.

5.18.6 RC

  • XML parser upgraded to Expat 2.4.1.
  • Installer upgraded to Inno Setup 6.2.0.
  • Using multipart uploads with S3 protocol on Google Cloud as it is supported there now.
  • Bug fix: Broken layout of Properties dialog when opening on a secondary display with high DPI primary display. 1990
  • Bug fix: The “Drag & drop shell extension” installation component was not showing its size.
  • Bug fix: When saving a local file, the “Saving” status on the Internal editor status bar is never cleared.
  • Bug fix: No error message is sometimes shown when SFTP server disconnects. 1991


5.18.5 RC

  • Translation updated: Farsi.
  • Support for PPK version 3 keys from PuTTY 0.75. 1986 ppk3
  • SSH private key tools (PuTTYgen and Pageant) upgraded to PuTTY 0.75. It brings the following changes:
    • Pageant now supports loading a key still encrypted, and decrypting it later by prompting for the passphrase on first use. pageant-deferred-decrypt
    • Upgraded default SSH key fingerprint format to OpenSSH-style SHA-256.ssh-fingerprint-formats
    • PuTTYgen now supports alternative provable-prime generation algorithm for RSA and DSA.
    • Replaces Windows Pageant’s IPC with named pipes. pageant-named-pipe
    • Bug fix: PuTTYgen mis-writes OpenSSH private key format for some Ed25519 keys. openssh-ed25519-corrupt-private-key
  • Bug fix: Moving a transfer to background just in between two individual file transfers cancels the transfer. 1983
  • Bug fix: Files saved in external editors are not uploaded in timezones behind UTC. 1985
  • Bug fix: Sort > By Type icon for was still incorrect.

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