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.NET assembly / COM library


uplod multiples files

Initial Remote Directory sftp

The version of exe does not match version of this assembly

Sometimes unable to connect to SFTP

  • 2020-09-18 09:35
  • Guest

using Protocol.Scp and getting error

Peer certificate rejected Message on New Server

Read private key from string (not file)

FileProgress only shows 0 or 1

Getting Files Placed in Folders Two Days' Later

Exception calling "Open" with "1" argument(s): "WinSCP process terminated with exit code 3.

GetFile fails with "Operation not supported."

Transfer Using Streams

WinSCP Automation - Connection has been unexpectedly closed. Server sent command exit status

Exclude folder when downloading

Download folders and files only where folder contains specific file

Directly write contents of a string object to the remote file

Locked file after transfer

Put files in s3 bucket with KMS

Special character in ComparisonDifference file name when session.CompareDirectories

  • 2020-08-03 03:52
  • Guest

how to start ssh reverse tunnel?

Make Encryption Algorithm's ssh2_id Property Accessible in .NET Assembly

XML using only UTC timestamp

SessionOptions.HostName is not set

S3 amazon

  • 2020-07-13 17:41
  • dimalexan

How do I turn on 'Ignore permission errors'?

PowerShell Script not functioning correctly when scheduled Task

Error using .NET c# code utilizing image save function

Files being delete when we have an error on GetFiles ?

Is it possible to store an resuse a FTP session?

WinSCP .NET Assembly and COM Library

Access is denied error on every script second run on his own folder

Copy files from one remote directory to another remote directory on the same server

Freeze FTP

addrawconfiguration what is the correct syntax to use

COM methods not visible [solved]

  • 2020-06-17 10:29
  • TNDinh

What happens when the object is disposed that would cause a later, new connection to disconnect?

Authentication failed during session connect when using assembly

Different way to use WinSCP within SSIS using a Script task

Hi, how does one 'remove BMO' using the .Net Assembly?

How to set the lastwritetime attribute of a file or directory?

Synchronization preview support for .NET assembly

about SFTP file transfers in .NET search existing files on winscp

new user

Unable to fetch files after opening session using private key.

Using strong SSH cipher keys?

WinSCP C# Library - Cannot open file “\\.\nul”. Access denied

Why the last 1% takes so long time.

Time-Out on

You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression.

Winscp transition to TLS 1.2

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