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Feature Requests


Permission denied override.

transfer speed report

don't crash when boot drive comes after cd drive

How do I post a bug report?

Accessing Network Neighbourhood

problem with different case filenames

timestamp incorrect

Central config file

plug for total commander

text mode extension preference setting limit

editor with colored syntax


Autoresume/Autoignore backgrounded transfers

Su -

annoying popups for write-protected memory stick

Confirm 'Host hasn't responded for 15 seconds'

Queue timer and bandwidth limiter

mapping drives

Command-line parameters

Just some praise

Copy links as links

Do you need an Italian version?

Two remotes

  • 2004-05-11 16:58
  • MikeAtVillage

"real" background transfer queue

2 great suggestions (ext app + real-time sync)

SU while in a session


Ability to spawn new session while editing or viewing files

WINSCP cannot read UTF8 filename

problem with shell commands

Cygwin ssh/scp support

Synchronize: list of files + exclude patterns

Synchronized browsing problem

WinSCP should respect Windows app conventions..

Synchronization issues

Integrated End-to-End Encryption

Binary Ascii buttons

  • 2004-04-13 11:55
  • nickfixit

WinScp Messages Should Pop Up Above External Editor

Automatic synchronization

INI by default

Graphical XClient like WinScp for Linux ?

BUG: Preferences -> Transfer -> Transfer mode does not recognize specific filetypes

no support for files > 2 GB ?

  • 2004-04-08 09:00
  • Guest

WinSCP and network shares

Ability to switch servers

filtering filenames

Support for copy/paste from local to remote from keyboard in explorer interface

umask 002 and setting file permissions

BUG - Passwords are automatically saved!

Copy only changed files

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