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S3 - Use credentials from environment variables

Security Token Service support for AWS S3

Name local temp folder by session/connection

Remote on both sides

Add for connection "Favorites"

Mount as a drive with endpoints, offline, versioning, transactional, rules, aspects, compression

WinSCP for mac

  • 2022-01-13 17:46
  • Wason Rm

Make Synchronize target direction sticky (or preference)

Search tool

Change permissions on files and directories

MD5 Hash

Security Documentation

Recovering the pass

Synchronize files by content

Stream file rather than downloading

  • 2021-12-13 10:17
  • Eyl

Integration for RCLONE

Allow using OpenSSH agent along with Pageant for Authentication

Add support for S3 cross-account bucket (aka external bucket)

Multiple Synch in 1 Instance

Button to open local folder in explorer

Local Folder Sync &

Comparing window don't show TARGET (direction)

Allow "update WinSCP" on exit

Transfer options / upload permissions per site

Oracle Cloud Object Store

WinSCP show drives hidden by policy?

Default file exists action

New column to show the date of file transmission on queue

Control f

Create Full Path through GUI

Make it clear and simple how to freeze local and remote columns between sessions

When transferring a folder tree, show exact folder being transferred in addition to the filename

Allow to copy path

When creating a new session, have "Show" option for password(s).

FISH shell support in WinSCP

Map drive and cross-cloud/protocol data transfers

Cancel after current transfer is complete during Synchonization

Console window, default command and panel-mode

WinSCP for Linux

  • 2021-09-30 03:53
  • saud

FTP keepalive using REST 0

Allow each host to specify default Transfer Settings

"Client Hostname" pattern for XML logs?

Search and sync account

WebDAV client RFC4437 Redirection vs other Hosts

Use WinSCP as a commander for for TWO remote directories

-pw-stdin parameter

Please make tabs scrollable

[feature request] Overwrite file dialog: Option YES/NO Same Only

Let file/folder sync work with USB drives and other local folders

Make 'Find Files' dialog modeless, or preserve history

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