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MSI installer for WinSCP?

  • 2021-04-09 14:19
  • TheFunkeyGibbon

User defined session properties for custom commands

Add number of bytes stransferred to log file

Cache file names for instant searching

adjustable connection timeout

Check file extension for SFTP?

AWS STS security token cli support

S3 - Use credentials from environment variables

New column to show the date of file transmission on queue

Save password only when master password is set

Option to rename file in addition to "Overwrite y/n"

Pinning TestBeds in login Window

ability to display and edit tags in aws s3 files

Remember password for current session only

feature request: allow other Sessions while "Keep Remote Directory up to Date..." running

is there anyway to get a non free licensed copy

Lets Talk About Those Upload & Download Buttons

easy editable transfer queue

logging for sessions

"Open With..." option when right-clicking a file

Local vs. Remote Diff

accessing \\wsl$\<distro>

  • 2021-03-01 19:31
  • Jeff2

Properties of remote folder to display size including all files

  • 2021-02-23 20:53
  • anbu

Remove the requirement to auto-connect

  • 2021-02-19 19:19
  • gus

To allow both windows to be remote or both local

Cryptomator Cloud Encryption Support

Transfer Files Only if Archive Attribute Is Set

How to install SSL Cert?

Download Files without Listing Folder (sftp)

.net5 (dotnet core) single-file bundle support

can I avoid using SMB ?

Support rsa-sha2-512 hostkey

Show Sesion information in UI

File Permissions/Change Attributes

Can't See Bottom of Long Messages

Synchronised Browsing - Visual Indication

Download the latest Files based on access date

Immersive Dark mode / Dark title bar

Automatically Refresh Directory BEFORE Operation

The deletion confirmation could include multiple file names

Stream file rather than downloading

Move tabs in to second line instead of arrows

  • 2021-01-21 22:49
  • mpx

Don't exit unless I say to exit.

  • 2021-01-21 12:40
  • marcelofinki

Include the "Edit" Context Menu for the Local side too, Not Just the Remote side.

Desktop icon

Stored password

quick search/filter in winscp login screen

Is it possible to implement(maybe it exists already) so that you can select folders and "edit" all

SSH MAC Algorithm Names

quick search filter in winscp login screen

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