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login faild

How to make winscp automatically accept server host key?

  • 2018-08-14 17:41
  • Guest

SFTP without using Host Key

  • 2018-08-12 13:08
  • Guest

loop and move the files with MSDOS

Custom comand - upload file form local to remote directory

Automatic connection from the browser

Files not syncing to folder in WinSCP when attempting to automate

Trying to automate get -delete

Upload new files if remote destination is empty

Error using Automated FTP transfer

Task Scheduler - GET and MOVE

Upload to AWS S3 with command line

/log path

Script to synchronize FTP files

Automation Test framework organization

Automated files transfer from FTP folder to local server

winscpt and ssis task

530 Sorry, no more connections for your ip

Problem at trying to use mkdir with a path of multiple levels

How to set Timeout

WinSCP Scripting

Leave on remote site, files from X days ago

Need Your Idea (Waiting for data timed out, asking user what to do.)

Altering WinSCP timestamp, get file(s) from a specified date-named folder

SFTP SyncToLocalScript with 'Unknown command ssh-rsa ' error

Connection failed not returning an error code

The server's host key not found in the cache. sporadic issue

Need help with automatic host key acceptance

  • 2018-07-13 15:30
  • MuruganandhanR

Hotkey to copy IMG https url

Error: Exception calling "SynchronizeDirectories" with 6 argument(s): Timeout waiting for WinSCP

Stop from uploading subdirectories?

script file works for one job but not a new job

Filemask - Excluding File Size That Aren't Just Zero In Bytes

Complex password with special characters

  • 2018-07-03 12:17
  • Dave Wic

session.FileExists not finding files

Can't get attributes of file 'file.txt'.

Retry download if there is an error

Session.SynchronizeDirectories() preview missing?

Remove OpenVMS version number in scripting

How to get return value and process

Automation synchronize

Script ftp connection does not work

Command to Specify a Space in Remote Directory Path in a .cmd file

Bacth File Can't Run

Sync option

Error put command in specific folder

Background transfers with a script

open sftp command reporting 'Too Many Parameters'

modifying sample script to remove file immediately after successful transfer

Verify Checksum before deleting files ...

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