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How to find how many files were put/get in a session

Rename files uploaded with filemask

Intermittent problem with private/public key auth

Put a entirely directory and all files and subdirectories

  • 2018-11-17 20:29
  • Lillo

Transfer file to external server/website via FTP

Is there option to cut paste command to transfer local file to remote server

Script to download pdf files automatically

Using saved SSH keys for (SFTP Scripting)

What is the Difference between Synchronize files and Mirror?

Automate a download but getting stuck if file got deleted during the process

Scheduled file sync doesn't work on schedule but will work when manually run.

Powershell - Download folders from ftp with wildcard

Powershell Multiple FileMasks and ModifiedTime criteria

Delete files at local if deleted from remote

Check For File

-hostkey:* not working.

Auto-download file from SFTP to local drive on periodic basis

Proof of concept to run the below winscp script on my local dev server

Synchronize to another remote directory

Automation scripts to transfer files.

Check file existence

get with files in a list

Version monitoring

How to automatically respond or ignore questions and warnings in Winscp when using the command line?

directory listing in logs

Get with -delete parameter

Automating remote directory sync

Check for "done" file and download directory

Unable to synchronize remote folder with constantly changing files

Sync only level 1 directory issue

Checking result of the script and moving local files

Script fails on return code greater than 1, but not on 1

Passing String Variable to Winscp lcd command

Checking file existence - using mask in file extension

Progress bar for Scripting?

SQL Server Job Access Denied

Problème avec un script. Problem with a script

Scripting for downloading Folder & Files from remote server

Batch File for Transfering different file types to different folders

running script in a line rather than having them in casdcade

Remote synchronize, delete removed files but not folders

Opening session using command-line parameter is scripting is deprecated

  • 2018-10-18 23:38
  • Guest

Call EXE from .SCP Script

WINSCP script halt on no errors

How to: Challenge response in Powershell Script?

Automate Transfer To Server

Filename column width

Select column width using

Call WinSCP Saved Session

Automated file transfer stops during transfer

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