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Permission denied using MoveFile method

GUI works, Command Line fails FTPS

Help with setting up better logs / email alerts?

Script help - to automate file transfers

Script help - upload then archive

Session reconnect

Powershell synchronise automation

One line to change password " /key gen key.ppk /changepassphrase"

  • 2018-09-28 16:00
  • cmoran

Logging to a file with today's date and time

  • 2018-09-28 15:28
  • Guest

Adding permissions via command line to existing bat file which includes inherited custom exe.

  • 2018-09-25 15:14
  • qb

FTPS using winscp error on put command

exit command not working

[Solved] WinSCP .bat file to upload SFTP with ssh passphrase hostkey etc

Synchronize not deleting

Download + Delete Automation

Putting multiple files on FTP Server

"Server sent passive reply with unroutable address, using host address instead."

Deleting remote files from changing FTP folder

Batch file error

  • 2018-09-20 07:43
  • Guest

Force TLS 1.0 via Scripting

How to schedule a folder scan, ftp files within and delete the files upon upload success ?

unable to get the total file count details from the directory and sub directory.

Set file permissions while doing powershell file transfer

Wildcard Character Using

MV command help

Stop from uploading subdirectories?

webdav share upload

  • 2018-08-31 14:06
  • Andre1

script file works for one job but not a new job

Sync files by file size

Downloading a file in chunks

Task in scheduler doesn't work properly

Winscp script not writing log file [WIN 2008 R2]

date variable in script file not found

Rename Remote file

Searching for host... Connecting to host... Authenticating... Expected host key was not configured,

How to get files from a particular date

Network error: Connection timed out - only when calling from a different machine

login faild

Unable to "sudo su" using WinSCP/Powershell

How to make winscp automatically accept server host key?

loop and move the files with MSDOS

Custom comand - upload file form local to remote directory

Automatic connection from the browser

Files not syncing to folder in WinSCP when attempting to automate

Trying to automate get -delete

Upload new files if remote destination is empty

Error using Automated FTP transfer

Task Scheduler - GET and MOVE

Upload to AWS S3 with command line

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