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.NET assembly / COM library


SessionRemoteException on GetFiles

WinSCP .Net Deployment

SessionRemoteException:Internal error fz#rename (0010)

SessionRemoteException: Operation not supported.

How long does session.GetFiles() hang on to file?

.Net Assembly Event Handling in Autoit

SFTP issue when downloading files

PowerShell Error Transferring File - PutFiles?

How do I set option batch abort from .Net

SynchronizationResult "Unknown name"

File Transfer Help

Import COM Lib/Net Assembly in Delphi

Can't move locally or delete local files after upload

Session.MoveFile issues

setting TLS/SSL version with .NET assembly

winscpnet.dll and winscp.exe interaction

Powershell - option batch continue

Impersonation and WinSCP

Append upload over SFTP?

Server refused to start a shell/command

Error: Element "cwd" not found in the log file

Disconnected: Unable to authenticate

Fail in VBScript, VBA (untyped), work in VBA (typed), VB.NET

  • 2015-02-10 11:34
  • usa

SFTP - Win7 - .tmp The process cannot access the file

SSH host key fingerprint "sha-rsa 2048 does not match patter


passphrase missing

Password authentication failed

PowerShell - Session.FileTransferProgress Event - Frequency

Synchronize file type in order - help needed

upload extremely slow

VBA Scripts to Control Win SCP actions

Filemask problem

Remove leading path from source files (getfiles, multi-file)

  • 2015-01-05 13:42
  • a1

VBA object can not get created

SSL options from .Net Library

Parallel sessions to different hosts

Newbie Help - Delete files older than "n" days using C#

Powershell .NET Set permissions and Preserve times options

Old version of winscpnet.dll

Powershell limit speed

Cannot find Open method

Error: "Disconnected: No supported authentication methods"

Post Login Commands

Server unexpectedly closed network connection

Resume Support DLL Issue

ExecuteCommand in a specific directory

Unable to Use Key File - (Unable to open file) v5.5.6

How do i change the output of e.OverallProgress

logs to XML

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