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Differing File Sizes

Session storing - NOT to remember passwd

Assertion failure, TolbarPanal.pas, line 446

connection refused with winscp 3.2.1 worked under 2.2.0

How to RESUME filetransfers?

Unable to transfer file to server via WinSCP

  • 2003-08-26 19:53
  • guest

winscp 3.2.1 and proxy servers errors on connecting


  • 2003-08-25 18:51
  • nekote

problems with connection using socks proxy and shell icon

'Show inaccessable directories' appears to be inverted!

  • 2003-08-20 21:24
  • Guest

[ext. Editor] some kind of work around

  • 2003-08-19 10:22
  • pash

Win98/95 SendTo trouble

Cannot copy directory to remote server.

  • 2003-08-16 21:53
  • Guest

Does it work with Starband satellite?...

blank folder names on right-hand-side

WINSCP3 with VShell 2.02

Timezone problems when comparing directories

get 'normal' folder-tree on windows

search engines


'Host hasn't answered...'

Error reading directory - CZ Lang/Locales

Opening multiple files from remote unix server

Deleting files

SCP Tramsfer Rates

need to log in to secure host THEN ssh to my final destination

Authentication Failed?

How to setup the automatic downloading

Docs on command line switches?

Error 255?


BUG!! with large files

  • 2003-08-06 07:38
  • Guest

useage feedback

WinSCP with external editor emacs-21.2 for Windows ?

Trying to switch back to ssh 1 protocol, transfer speed the same.

disable store session


copy failure with "<" char in the filename.

Restrict Edit Optin

Assertion failed on copying files

  • 2003-07-31 15:13
  • Christian81

Why WinSCP is using so much memory ?

Error message "could not rename filename"

PuTTY style interface

"Assertion Failed" Error msg

Moving files

  • 2003-07-31 12:39
  • trenz

WinSCP w/ Nortel Passport 8600

Can you set up alternative tunnels with winscp?

connect to computer behind a firewall

connect to an other machine

Cannot copy local files to Server

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