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Problem with Excel-Files

  • 2003-11-05 15:08
  • Freaky

SFTP Speed: 60KiB/s sftp vs. 140 KiB/s http

unselect folder


My root have other name

Copy file with other remote/local name

Thanks Prikryl

Japanese fail name is collaped

No data in html files once theey are transfered.

  • 2003-10-31 15:51
  • Guest

difference in size of winscp exe file between 3.3 and 3.4

Saved Session

SFTP and uploading directories

  • 2003-10-30 09:45
  • Guest_

error downloading from SFTP server

finding files

bug after timeout dialog (message box) in command window

Upload Problems

throughput issue with build 177

Temporary files, when uploading?

changing home directory & sounds

a little offtopic question

Damaged files

  • 2003-10-24 18:21
  • onath

resume when net goes down

  • 2003-10-24 17:40
  • quest78

Cannot remove temporary directory

how to disable coping symbolic links?

Command failed with return code 137

drag & drop cannot create new directories in SFTP mode

  • 2003-10-23 08:14
  • Guest

[b]Open Terminal[/b]

How I can connect with ROOT

  • 2003-10-22 09:32
  • Guest

Call to PUTTY.EXE with proxy

connect with a custom batch

Error getting to /cygdrive

Bandwith Trottling

Download speed: Rate limiting bug?

what is "session password" and where to get it?

  • 2003-10-20 09:26
  • guest

WinSCP, Cygwin, WinXP: All filenames and directories on Server end with 0x0d

Hey some questions

Download speed

Thank you Martin


Compare Directories Command

Timestamp is diplayed as 00:00,

Can't transfer any file to or from local computer.

WinSCP chroot

Date problem

Remote server denies permission to copy from local directory

stored sessions

Truncate: File too large Error

Stripping CTL-Z tags at the end of a DOS file

Host hasn't answered for 15 seconds

Log in as non-shell user?

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