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Disconect when operation finishes

High port issue

  • 2004-02-26 05:19
  • AlexF

Need some help with the source code

winscp and FrontPage

Need help using WinSCP and SSH2 Keys

FAR Plugin doesn't connect to Sun_SSH

Sessions backup?

winscp for pocket pc

Is it possible

Command Line Support

  • 2004-02-22 18:37
  • Guest

passwords saved

Can't close terminal window

  • 2004-02-19 12:07
  • jsmoller

SSH keys

Microsoft "security" update incompatible with WinSCP???


Dialog pops open logging in on some unix hosts

Bug in WinSCP 3.4.2

Cant save changes

Integration settings confused

Example winScp.dll

WinSCP 3.5 bug report

Login error

  • 2004-02-13 10:42
  • mjoshi@...

How to connect to an SFTP server through .NET code

  • 2004-02-12 20:34
  • link39

WinSCP 3.5 Access violation error

Compatable with Macromedia Contribute?

Possible workaround for SFTP speed "issue"

WinSCP 3.5 "remembers" remote password in saved sessions!

Error Changing Directory

Memorizing directory location

"server has not responded in 15sec"

WinSCP freezes up my computer

  • 2004-02-07 20:46
  • Stephen G

Access Violation when switching to upper level directory

Bug in login !!!

No sub-directories showing

speed of sftp

WinSCP 3.5 - Keep remote up to date copies all files all the time

Problem with 3.5 version

Indirecting through multiple layers of ssh tunnel

wrong timestamps

Does WinSCP encrypt your login username and password as well? How do you configure it to do so with Putty?

  • 2004-02-03 17:24
  • Paul Wolborsky

THX ! Děkuji srdečně !

SCP/SFTP transfers timing out

  • 2004-02-03 00:31
  • rtgill

WinSCP v3.5.0 using sftp (v0) problem following symbolic links

  • 2004-02-02 10:32
  • Guest

changing dir/chmod

files invisible


File size limits?

  • 2004-01-31 19:15
  • Guest

setting changes are saved automatically in v3.5

Error "Server sent command exit status 0."

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