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Script on SFTP PUT

How to call WinSCP without hostkey

Incremental Backup


WinSCP command doesn't execute in scheduled batch file intermittently

Keepuptodate error, could not retrieve directory listing, failed to change directory

Upload 2 specific latest files to remote server

Use a script to run an exe on the active session machine

Download specific files from a folder

Check if a directory exists before making it

VB6 scripting example

Error: Exception calling "Open" with "1" argument(s): "Connection failed."

WinSCP batch script is not is not downloading latest file

  • 2022-05-19 13:14
  • Guest

Cisco Duo and WinSCP

Remote connection via tunnel works on GUI but not on script

  • 2022-05-02 14:51
  • fred-ige

Ambiguous command ' '

How do we use a separate connections.xml, from the Winscp.exe command line?

Script using is unable transfer file to destination. Able to transfer with WinSCP client

AWS server can transfer via GUI but not via scripting

Getting and error with host key...

  • 2022-04-19 13:12
  • gary@...

How to force close cmd box on Win 10 after running script.

Connect to a Docker container

Need to move files from one folder to the other, renamed with timestamp.

Exit code 1 immediately after Active session created.

Wrong file time for some files

Delete files on remote server

Intune/MEM - Can't get app to deploy

Error Code 5

Problem with filemask/exclude

Download specific files by name

How does SYNC handle open server files actively being written to?

Automatic File Transfer

Synchronize Result Logging

Using $session.MoveFile

Can't create file 'c:\WINDOWS\system32\null Windows 10

"Server sent passive reply with unroutable address, using host address instead."

I need to synchronize only specified files and folders in a location.

Sending parameters from cmd line to use within script

Automated job used to work but now says HOST KEY DOES NOT MATCH KEY FINGERPRINT

Automate file transfer from local c: to sftp e:

No overwrite existing file

500 Internal server error - Causing Script to fail

Batch does not wait for WinSCP FTP script to complete before going to next sommand

How can I rewrite this code and stores it in a variable

Decrease number of retries when disconnected

Batch File will not rename files on FTP Server

WinSCP Extension Archive remote files to ZIP archive... No GUI?

Getting error while using this script file name, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect

WinSCP SFTP PUT fails intermittently, creates directory instead of copy file

filepart transfer issues – HELP needed with script

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