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Script translates local path to remote differently. Depending on how the script is initiated.

Addressing error Upload of file .. was successful, but error occurred while setting the permissions

Script to upload folders or files does not work

Having problems setting the /keepuptodate function witin the GUI to set to 5 seconds

Notification in the event that batch file fails.

Bit of help needed with logging, running WinSCP from command line

File transfer with queue

Help with MS Access to PowerShell FTP download

Port Overwrite and Privatekey

Problem overwriting files with mv commant

Help with automating some files batch file

SFTP Script - Upload Issue

Automated moving of remote files in new folders matching the files' names

Help with synchronize command

  • 2023-05-04 11:04
  • Nilks

Adding private key path to when synchronizing a two way delete

Synchronize and only change permissions to new files

WinSCP won't run when source file has multiple lines

Active/passive mode

Scheduling automated FTP Tasks

Batch - WinSCP Scripts are not working

  • 2023-05-01 20:46
  • guest77

Newly occurring error sound

Retrieving files from FTP by date.

PowerShell Email Results

After retrieving files from remote move files to archive folder on the remote server

Help with WinSCP and ahk (cancelling a transfer while in progress)

Get -Delete Command Not Deleting Files Intermittently

Script does not like -latest or -neweronly

Turn off Optimize connection buffer size

  • 2023-04-13 14:31
  • NotAUser

Best approach for getting error information back from WinSCP

Duplicate PDF to another folder

Search function in WinSCP script

Auto answer host key question in a script

Automatic upload with batch file

PowerShell having issues with placing the hostkey in the correct position

Download and Delete Script Issue

Scripting does not use standalone parameters

Retry on failed attempt?

Using synchronize remote with case sensitivity

Upload only files that are new and contain data

Problem with Passphrase option in Script

FTP - Rewrite and Copy

Keep local folder up to date script, certificate problem.

Transfer all new or newly modified files in the last x minutes

Encryption of the password for CLI use

Sporadic error code 2 while getting files from SFTP server

  • 2023-03-13 16:05
  • Arcplace

Filemask on mv command

GetFiles with Remove=True doesn't log. Verbose option?

Uploading File to SFTP using Key Authentication in SSIS

Comand MPUT -Delete how to

Switch from FileZilla

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