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Task Scheduler Server 2019

Issues Passing a Second Command within a BAT file

Scripterstellung SFTP

Not getting exit from WinSCP prompt

Problem overwriting files with mv commant

Script per download files

  • 2024-03-25 13:15
  • Guest

FTP upload script only uploading single file from directory at a time. Want all the files to go up

Command line Upload file only if no file is available

Passing String Variable to Winscp lcd command

synchronize or keepuptodate

intermittent .filepart generation?

Using saved connections / transfer Profiles

Incompatible external console protocol version 9

Synchronize of file currently in use – how to solve?

Multiple Attributes -append AND then -delete

Synchronise with delete local file if successfly put

Multiple connections in one bat file

Upload to FTP via a Memory Stream without creating any files

Stop processing if nothing to sync

WinSCP stops after 20 Files

Invalid Access to Memory during synchronize command

Script doesn't send files

Error when connecting to another server with WinSCP (Invalid access to memory)

Automating file transfer from local machine to Google Drive

Password authentication failed

Custom shortcut to open a certain directory

Upload of file was successful , but error occurred when setting the permissions and/or timestamp

Custom command newline

Script SFTP

Create a batch script that automates the task of keeping the local folder updated

Zero byte files downloaded

Syntax for filenames with spaces

Upload files to SFTP folder

Option Confirm Off does not work in a script.

Script for automation fails

PowerShell Script Password Encryption

Batch file

Synchronize Command only pushes 1 files instead of all

Script didn't save the downloaded files correct

Turn off Optimize connection buffer size

Using Script to Copy Files from Remote FTP to Local - Only Want New Files Starting From Today

GUI transfers fine, script throws timeout detected connection control

Putting large files in Linux server via SFTP

Check file existence in destination

Get command with hour and minute on filemask

Batch file to upload files created today

Disable Resume Support


Auto answer host key question in a script

Internet protocol version in script

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