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"Searching for Host .. network error, timed out"

Local browser does not remember file selection after transfer

Max download speed is only limited per-download task, not on a per application basis

Time posting

Umlaut Ä Ö Ü ä ö ü ß is not shown correctly

Suspending workaround Bug 1644 - 5.13.7

Error: Exception calling "SynchronizeDirectories" with "7" argument(s): "Timeout waiting for WinSCP

Use of an alternative ip

Drag and drop not working in 5.13.6 (Build 9061)

Connection lost while transfering by FTPS.

Bug login

WINSCP 5.14.2 Beta is messing up with windows 10 user gui

"Unknown command 'put" when i tried Syntax features

GET command does not work

  • 2019-01-06 21:09
  • Guest

Password with special characters invalid in batch program

Version 5.14.2 / Encryption

Lost connection and files disappear

Error editing and downloading .htaccess files

No Drag and Drop with 5.14.2 beta 9079

WINSCP Portable : WINSCP.COM does not work in Windows PE

Directory Tree position issue

  • 2019-01-03 17:17
  • Guest

Numeric display of rights in the column


Can I search the site in the Login page?

Log file not generating.

VB.NET parameter issues of function: session.SynchronizeDirectories()

SSL3 alert write: fatal: bad record mac

What's the difference between WinSCP session and other SSH client session?

Cant connect to FTP

Is there a way to move transfers back to foreground?

From network drive (shared with onedrive) to SFTP: System Error. Code: 267.

backup files on remote with monitored synchronization

How to connect to a non-secure FTP

Lost connection every 19 seconds

Request for configure document SSH key in Winscp

yet another 'network error: connection refused'

Any way of not forcing an auto connection to a site on program start up?

Error when renaming folder

use android toolbox‘s “ls” command error

How to access s3 when a prefix is restricted.

*Help*-Had an issue with domain user permissions where winscp exe on server home directory

Sucessfully logged in but remote directory is empty

keepuptodate script losing remote timestamp

Upload failure to S3 bucket with server-side encryption

Speed when upload a local file to S3.

Invalid access to memory

can't delete certain items in folders


"Copying remote files to remote side failed. Success" error on WinSCP

Shady WinSCP clone in Windows Store: "Remote SSH Tool"

  • 2018-12-14 17:33
  • Guest

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