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Sync long pathnames via WEBDAV: "System error. Code: 206" (file or pathname too long) / Using UNC

Encrypt file with Public Key

Big icons

WINSCPNet.dll 64bit

WinSCP 5.7.7 - Operation not permitted

WinSCP nuget package not exployed when using PackageReference

Search Folders / foreach loop upload

  • 2018-01-15 12:55
  • JamesM

"Unknown Error" when changing into webdav-directory with active lock

How to create desktop drop link?

Cannot open remote file

WinScp not "seeing" files that basic OS FTp does

530 Login authentication failed

Can icons in toolbars be added/removed?

Script question

Transfering files/folder separately

Trouble on setting the permissions and/or timestamp via command line

Error changing remote directory

winscp selecting all files and moving mouse to top

Amazon S3 - Log in without "root" bucket permission

Filezilla FTP Server

howto set automatic check update with proxy ?

  • 2018-01-08 14:46
  • Guest

Some uploads never finish

I tried to edit a file in hosting server with winscp, Permission denied. Error code: 3 Error message

FTP with IIS

First time user of WinSCP and can't even get started.

problem setting up openssh

[Question] Strange behavior when overwrite a file over SFTP

Can't Browse C:\Users\User\ appdata

Mouse jumps out of window at start of click+drag

Can not create NEW file or directory via WINSCP

Invisible Winscp window since Creator's update

Failed to set default directory / file specification syntax error

TLS connect: error in SSLv2/v3 read server hello A

Pasting file path -> error

Winscp Error code 5 with Rasberry Pi Jessie v8.0

Permission denied - Error code 3

  • 2018-01-02 05:59
  • Hari Prasad Sala

Reinstalled Windows 7 and have 'lost' all my FTP sites details

Winscp Compilation

Automated bug reporting

Can't connect using latest version of WinSCP to SCP server running on Windows 2008 R2 - OpenSSH

Cannot connect from one location

Trying to FTP using winscp 5.11.2 however getting error after 90%upload

Error 28: the file is corrupt

Generate script not available

SFTP droping end of line character

Using public key from WINSCP to connect to bitvise and automate sending a txt file

File deleted remotely even if move to local folder didn't complete

Host Key format

  • 2017-12-26 01:33
  • Grizm0

The file time shown on WinSCP is 8 hour fast than my local time

"Cannot get real path" even though message is "Success"

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