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Host is not communicating for more than 15 seconds

Handwritten portions of scans lost in transmission

Dark Theme

WinSCP looks weird in Windows Dark Mode.

WinSCP and z/OS FTP Server

GetFiles with Remove set to true deletes empty directory

Unable to delete Mainframe Datasets

window about host not communicating

Asking for help!! Open connection via WinSCP in Powerbuilder10.

Folder colors

winSCP opening a new "VS" and "Code" file with external editors.

Why is SshHostKeyFingerprint needed when SshPrivateKeyPath is set to private key file

Save Settings in Dropbox results in "Error writing to file"

Files in SFTP Session Are All 12/30/1899

Language Cannot be changed back to English

Automatic synchronization

WinSCP freezes after 30 seconds or more

Commander view without local list

Connecting to Octopi (0.15.1) and getting shell error

How to DISABLE auto-reconnect?

WinSCP 5.8.2 automation error

Changing Default File Protocol from SFTP to SCP

two factor authentication


Failure reading network stream

very wrong time remaining estimation

How to bring background transfers to the foreground?

Connecting to multiple sites questions

tried 3 times to submit this simple report to the forum

are there any plans to port this to Linux

Auto connect to website

Could you release 5.15.3 please, S3 Transfers > 50 GB are important

System Error 998 when uploading >2GB files to S3

WinSCP freezes when there is a Microsoft sticky note during drag&drop operation

Why is WinSCP so slow?

Invalid response to PWD command '<virtual directory>

Error listing directory

WinSCP SFTP download gets error Invalid parameter each time after 4126KB data is downloaded

Building WinSCP fail

login to myserver with 2 factor authentication, enabled on SSH with googles authenticator

Upload files as public-read to S3 (DO Spaces)

File recognised as directory when tyring to upload

SSH to AWS EC2 instance using WinSCP not connecting after Windows 10 Pro update

  • 2019-07-15 21:51
  • Guest

UI bug - reconnect button

Hidden folders when using copy and paste

Problems in file copying

WinSCP Freeze

[SOLVED] - Error code: 2 - Error message from server: No such file

Delete a file in Local server after transferring the file

Selected files are not visible in dark mode

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