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Duplicate sessions without path in tab

  • 2019-04-09 08:56
  • Leap

Syncronize lost "Transfer settings"

Martin the Developer is very good

Dark Theme

Dark theme - Compressed files hard/impossible to read

column width change at every boot

PuTTYgen key conversion

"Paste key" option failing.

keep alives not maintained unless its session tab is on top.

Problems with my FTP-Server

Lost Passphrase - Private SSH Key

WinSCP 5.15 GAC Error - Cannot load assembly without strong name

local folder on virtual client?

Command line synch hangs


Transfers aren't working

Wiederaufnahme geht nicht...

Speed when upload a local file to S3.

Timestamp not copied correctly.

wrong data

Disabling "Calculate total size" does not work

How does WinSCP verify if a file is downloaded or uploaded sucessfully

Compare ext: Setting different path to compare tool?

not refreshing soft links

Clear password.

Out of Memory! Please help

5.15.1 release

Batch Rename Error

i can't delete selected file. But i can delete folders, why ?

About random directory

Enabling kerberos in WINSCP

Deskop shortcuts removed

My External Editor autoselect no longer works if multiple file types are listed together

SFTP script stopping at "Looking up host" occaisonally

Error 4

Background Upload Losing Connection upon SSH_FXP_CLOSE / Host is not communicating for 15 seconds

Ignore folder structure when copying the files.

PutFiles / Check ends up uploading files multiple times

Main Password

Refresh directory after operation not working

Wrong date in release model popup

Help Keeping remote directory up to date

Cannot initialize SFTP protocol. Is the host running a SFTP

  • 2019-03-28 13:34
  • Guest

German-Umlauts not supported in synchronize?

tree synchronization

Pageant Private Key Unloading

  • 2019-03-26 16:06
  • Dean

FTP Command Line - Proxy Ignored

Parallel transfers just doesn't work

How do I make hidden files visible? E.g. my .htaccess file?

Synchronize "Skip all" only working partly for current folder

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